Month: April 2004

nasty n-CASE


My com at home is infected with an adware called _n-CASE_ . As usual it is horrendously difficult to remove. After checking on google, it seems this adware track all your web browsing and send information back to their server, to target relevant advertisements to you. *This is very very bad*

My firewall seems to confirm the above, reporting the service trying to connect to its server everytime I click on link in my browser.

Now I’ve blocked it from calling home, but it will take “a few steps”: to remove it completely. May be I’ll download the progs I need from school tomorrow.

SMS from desktop

[textile] After going through the software listed in my previous blog entry, I found most of them lean and useful. But there is one I would be using very regularly now, “Clickatell Messenger Pro”: It’s sms from your desktop, no more finger twisting move (And I seem to be in front of my com, office […]

First Ten Programs on New Install?


First Ten Programs on New Install? reddigitaldragon asks: “Some people re-install once a year, but if you’re anything like me your machine is formatted at least once a month. After the OS is in, … [Slashdot]

This is interesting. The guy writes about his _must have_ programs on a windows box, and I find at least one of them, “Azerous”: , new and seemingly useful.

It would takes a while to browse through all the comments, but there might be some more gems in there.

Team of the Year 2003/4

GK: Tim Howard DF: Ashley Cole, John Terry, Sol Campbell, Lauren MF: Steven Gerrard, Frank Lampard, Patrik Viera, Robert Pires FW: Thierry Henry, Ruud van Nistelrooy Apart from this list, Henry also got the Player of the Year award while Scott Parker is the Young Player of the Year.

test trackback

I saw that LDS News website has the same “problem” with trackback as my site. (I can send trackback ping, but can peoples ping my blog?) So here I am trying to ping his entry, if this works, mine would probably work too 🙂