Month: June 2004

Coca-Cola Championship

[textile] AKA the old division 1, or the older division 2. What’s with all these rebranding? And did Taksin changed his mind and bought the whole lower league instead of Liverpool? I mean.. look a the logo.. a tad familiar isn’t it?

Fantasy Euro 2004 – QF

[textile] Czech is very impressive, and the dutch reimplemented total football with success. Rooney & Ronaldo are overrated. Chelsea contingency who made it to the quarter finals: * England — Lampard, Terry, Bridge, Joe Cole (last two yet to feature) * France — Gallas, Desally, Makelele (injured) * Holland — Robben, Zenden * Czech — […]

“that thing”

[textile] ดู referer log วันนี้ มีคนหาคำว่า \qleft ไอ้นั่น \qright บน google แล้ว site นี้ “ขึ้นมาเป็นอันดับสอง”: :O จริงๆ ก็มีหลายคำที่จะทำให้เจอเป็นลำดับต้นๆ (ลองเช็คได้ด้วย “WhatRank”: ) อย่างใช้ชื่อเรา แต่ไม่นึกว่าคำประหลาดๆ แบบนี้จะติดด้วย อีกคำนึงที่ทำให้คนเข้ามา site นี้บ่อย คือ ชื่อหนังสือพิมพ์ “คมชัดลึก”: (มันคงสะกดภาษาอังกฤษยาก) ที่จริงพูดถึงครั้งนี้ อาจจะยิ่งทำให้มีเพิ่มขึ้นอีกก็ได้ 😛 update as of 24 June 2004, it’s moved up to number 1

thumb’s up


Ok I’m probably the last living human without a usb drive, but that was until last week. 😀

I got “this”: 256 MB baby at Sim Lim for $109 (singapore dollar, that is), which is not too bad a deal. But I wasn’t too sure why I got it in the first plac. It was just another one of those impulsive buys. :S

So to justify that hundred quid, this is what I do with it:
* put in “Firefox”: 0.9 standalone (one that works from a folder without installing anything), with all the plug-ins I use. I can go use other people’s com without installing firefox now. (matter of fact, I’m doing that right this moment, on my uncle’s laptop.)
* put in a few more standalone apps, “slowview”: , “VLC”:, etc.
* Make it “bootable”: , put some virus “scanner”: & “definition”: files on it, plus latest “stinger”: .



Among the sites I visit daily, “”: is by far the slowest to load. This is not because of slow server, but the ads scattered all over the page. The server is pretty fast.

If I’m at home connecting via modem, I can basically forget opening up another page concurrently. As I said, the server speed is quite ok, and that doesn’t help the case because it is just serving me advertisement, and doing it fast, sucking all the tiny bandwidth.

I’m always surfing with “Load images from the originating websites only” option in “Firefox”: turned on. But it doesn’t help much with pantip. Adding %{color:red;} to the block list^1^ , however, helps a lot. 😀 It also means the page does not try to reload all the time.

I tried adding %{color:red;} to the block list, which speeds up the page load even more. It works pretty well on หว้ากอ, but fail miserably on โต๊ะกล้อง, which is a giver. 😛