Month: July 2004

Batman and Robben

_in the picture: Arjen Robben, Jose Mourinho, Petr Cech, Mateja Kezman_ I haven’t write about Football in a long while, and only had 3 posts about it during Euro 2004. May be I was just talking about it so much I didn’t feel the urge to write. But I have such urge now, after watching […]

Blocking advertisements

[textile] Still on Firefox “extensions”: . I have really enjoyed using the “AdBlock”: extension, but the effectiveness of it actually got me to think β€” What is the acceptable use. AdBlock doesn’t just hide the advertisements, it prevents them from loading. It also makes it very easy to specify what to block with wildcard *. […]


[textile] via “redemption in a blog”: “GooglePreview”: is a cool extension for “Fireox”: allowing you to see a ‘thumbnail’ of webpages in Google’s search result. It doesn’t add too much load to slow things down greatly, and I think it is useful, though I find it hard to explain. It seems to only make thumbnails […]

It’s that time again

[textile] I have a confession to make. I got the thrill from reinstalling Windows. That is for my own machines and other’s alike. I’m a control freak and perfectionist when it comes to computer. I want it to run as fast as possible, with as little garbages and useless processes in the memory as possible. […]

Online Radio

[textile] My favorite music player, “iTunes Jukebox”: , also plays radio, as I just found out a few days ago. The nice thing about it is able to see the track name being played. πŸ™‚ This should be a feature of _all_ online radio, or any digital radio if we come to that. But apparently […]