Month: September 2004

my life

[textile] Apart from occasionally checking my inbox, I have been in complete exile for a while. It was time for myself, and time well spent. I’m starting to feel like meeting peoples again. It’s now time to get my life back on track. As my mate, Charles, said to me a few weeks ago “Let’s […]

my heart

[textile] For the past year, many of my favorite songs became sound that I couldn’t stand. Today, they cut even deeper and I am completely trapped inside my sad memories. I’m going away.

Building strike forces

[textile] Chelsea * Kezman £5m * Drogba £24m * Mutu £15.8m * Gudjohnsen £5m * = £49.8m Man Utd * Rooney £27m * Van Nistelrooy £19m * Saha £13m * Smith £7m * = £63m Arsenal * Reyes £10.5m * Bergkamp £7.5m * Henry £10.5m * Pires £6m * = £35.5m Liverpool * Baros £3.6m […]