Month: October 2004

New design marked

[textile] How timely is this?! I just redesigned this site today. (named the new theme _palindrome_ ) And today, Chu Yeow “wrote”: about this great site called “Silktide SiteScore,”: which rates how well designed, popular and accessible your website is. So, on to the scores: *6.9 for Marketing* How well marketed, and popular the website […]

The joy of autumn

[textile] Sensitive Light’s “The joy of autumn”: 3-photo set is amazing! Thanks to “Bloglines”: I am now reading my list of photoblogs again. (brown)

Go Make Babies!

This just comes in my university inbox: Dear Graduate Students, 5-DAY WORKWEEK 1.In line with the Government’s \qleft pro-family \qright initiatives, and to help staff strike a healthier work-life balance, the University has decided to implement the 5- day workweek with effect from 1 Nov 2004. 2. The official operating hours for the University under […]

Miracle Run

Last night Arsenal lost in the Premier League for the first time, after going on a 49 matches unbeaten run. The last record was 42 games by Nottingham Forest many years ago. It is said that this run will never be repeated again. So how (un)likely is it? To quantify things, suppose the chance of […]

Cute firefox

[textile] Yesterday the local newspaper (aptly named “The New Paper”) run a story on firefox. It’s not the first time they did, and the article was quite well researched. But what got me was this picture of rolling firefox. I’ve never seen it before, and think it’s cute as hell. I just wonder if the […]