Month: November 2004


[textile] I “said”: before I’m not really happy with Blogger and Xanga. People should choose whichever tool they are most comfortable with, and many have chosen these two for their ease of use. No complaint there. But when it comes to letting people participate on your site, I really cannot accept having to register to […]

Collapsible Blogroll

[textile] Today I’ve redo the blogroll on the side bar and make it collapsible. The list is getting longer everyday and it was pushing other things down too much. And now that it is collapsible, I’ve put my complete Bloglines subscription list, instead of just People’s blog like before. I wrote a “short tutorial,”:/node/716 in […]

Wedding Across the Street

[textile] “Recent statistics”: show that about 85% of singapore’s population live in public housing, a.k.a. HDB flats. These are 10–12 floor building, each holding thousands of life. As I sit here typing, looking to my right through the window there is one such building. They are everywhere and look semi-identical. When I first arrived, lifes […]

Football Manager 2005

You have played it, someone you know have played it, or at least you have heard of this thing called “CM”, right? The game is now known as Football Manager, after the developer parted way with EIDOS, who keep the old Championship Manager name. Even among gamers, this is a love-it-or-hate-it thing, and the game […]