Alphabetic Meme


Another meme? Yes, please! This one is _contracted_ from

Type each letter of the alphabet into your browser, and see which sites comes up in the list:

A is for Adium X I don’t even use this, or own Macs :S
B is for Bali Restaurant A test site for mom’s restaurant
C is for Chonnikan stumbled on this a few days back
D is for Drupal Engine for
E is for Engadget กิเลส
F is for Flickr photo galore
G is for Gmail no introduction needed
H is for hi5 not really into these half-ass social networking
I is for what else?
J is for Jnewland some blog
K is for Kezman’s fan page Go Blues
L is for Last.FM an essential
M is for MonkeyTamer is 74
N is for Naruto Fan author’s still on vacation
O is for Wiennat’s blog
P is for Pantip ห้องหว้ากอ ก็ดูทุกวัน
Q is for Quantz web comic
R is for Refuse to Regret Adam Levine’s (Maroon5) fan site :S
S is for Soccernet daily digest
T is for Thai-NTU a bit abandoned
U is for urlgreyhot Michael Angeles
V is for Vcharkarn ห้องเด็กวิทย์ ไม่ค่อยน่าเข้าแล้ว
W is for Web-graphics
X is for Xanga site of Bkksoul
Y is for nothing. I’m incomplete 🙁
Z is for Zeldman the one and only

*Thought* I think this meme is meant for IE users. If I’m not wrong the URL that comes up will be the most frequent one, in Firefox it is the most recent.