Month: February 2005

Chinese New Year Dinner

I never knew my mom considered herself chinese. I mean…by blood she is almost a pure chinese, but she never really care about the ritual and stuffs. Today we had a big, big dinner, four of us and two very close family friends. It was almost at the end of it (around cakes & ice […]

Life on a 56K

Today I picked up a new PC from pantip plaza. A Pentium 3.0 with 1 GB ram and the most complicated motherboard I have ever faced. Gigabyte 8I915P Duo (Pro) It comes with 4 serial ATA & 6 IDE support. (4 of that on RAID), 7.1 stereo sound, 8 USB2.0, and then some. This is […]

A Productive Member of Society

[textile] That’s what mom called me the other day. Getting a day job is like going to another dimension, especially when you’ve been living graduate student life for 5 years. It’s been 3 days now and I’m feeling just _a bit_ used to getting up at 6 o’clock again. The office is quite far, but […]