Month: April 2005

Comments Woe

Apology for all that has left comments in the last few days. I just upgraded this site to Drupal 4.6, and one of the things that went unnoticed is the settting that force all comments to be approved first before appearing on the site. I just fixed this, so it should appear right away again. […]

Going, afterall

Passport, check. Ticket, check. Cloths, check. Laptop, check. It seems I’m going to Silicon Vallery afterall. I’m so looking forward to the 8/18 C weather over there. Last time the trip got cancelled less than 24 hours before take off. Tomorrow morning I’ll turn off my mobile just for good measure! 🙂 My shopping list […]

Liverpool will win the Champions League

[textile] from “independent milwall”: h3. 1978 * Wales win the Grand Slam in Rugby * The Pope Dies * Liverpool lose in the League Cup final to the eventual League Champions that year (Forest) * Liverpool win the European Cup h3. 2005 * Wales win the Grand Slam in Rugby * The Pope Dies * […]

Hello, Ben

Mr Ben and Mr Jerry (Pictured in All Seasons Place, Bangkok, with Ms Swensens and Monsieur Daz) had been in town for the last few months, though they don’t wander around much and can only be seen in Tops Supermarkets. 300 Baht a pint? More expensive than lager, but ice cream is good for you. […]

Revenge of the Sith, Lego style

[textile] Today Non came over around 3pm to pick up his “GT4”: disc, so we had a chance to sit down and make some progress on “Lego Star War”: as well. It’s not a difficult game, but playing alone means you have to switch back and forth between characters quite a lot to go through […]