Month: July 2005

Chelsea’s new kit surfaced?

User ‘carefreechris’ posted a picture of the centenary kit on “CFCnet.”: From past experience, this should be legit, although the shade of blue might be a little off. Following the thread, there’s also the goalie’s kits to boast. Looks very unbeatable to me 🙂 Especially with “Cech”: wearing it.

Bali: small updates

Added “review”: from The Nation, “satellite map”: courtesy of Google Earth, and “a photoset”: in Flickr.

The TOTO Neorest

If someone ask me today, “What will you buy if you’ve got a million dollar?” The “TOTO Neorest”: has to be in the top 5 of my list. In fact, a grand bathroom fitted with all these “TOTO goodies,”: plus the Neorest in the middle, where it deservedly sit. Surely, everyone need an automatically open, […]