Month: August 2005

I became disterested with the silly arguments happening in “Bangkok Metblog”: this past while. I don’t know what went wrong, it is just not fun anymore. For me, the site never really took off properly. May be we were to eager to lauch the site and was less prepared than we thought. Another blog of […]

Wireless Keyboard/Mice

I’ve always been a skeptic when it comes to wireless desktops. _What if the battery ran out?_ But I guess I am a bit behind the time, cuz this “arstechnica”: review has showed the current offerings to be quite practical. Another $75 to be lost on silly gadgets?, asked my inner, rational self. I still […]

The Illustrated Chiangmai Flood (12-18 Aug, 05)

“This”: is a marvelously illustrated post on the recent flood in the north. Complete with Google Earth showing the flooded area. The author is my favorite Chiangmai blogger for the moment. 🙂 (Used to be “”: but I think kitty has since moved to “Khonkaen.”: )

The 1.9 billion man

in thai baht, that is. “£26m”: is total madness, especially considering players from france need a year of toughen up before making some kind of impact here in the english league. Anyway, I like this picture because ultimately we hope “he”: can be our Keane. Think Makelele who also attacks from second row.