Month: September 2005

Sobics: Time waster of the day

Easy to play and _very_ addictive. :! The teletubby looking thing has nothing to do with the game, except laugh with joy when you finish a level or cry at gameover. I wasn’t quite done up there, but after 30 levels I’m rather stressed. And that’s completely against the point of playing in the first […]

Fly in Urinal

Finally, I know why… …that fly was never taken off Changi Airport’s urinal. It’s etched in. Picture above is of the “Amsterdam Airport,”: which is said to be one of the first to implement the idea. Apparently it helps improve sanitation because people _took aim_ at the poor fly. [ “via The Editor’s Blog”: ]

Drupal Goodness

I got asked a few times why I use Drupal for my sites, and have convinced one or two to try it out. But though I like the system a lot, many of its features I have used so much that I even forget it’s a _feature._ Thus I usually never mentioned the fine grain […]