Month: October 2005

AllConsuming and Findory

I started using “AllConsuming”: and “Findory”: today. Both interesting services, time will tell if I get to use them much. AllConsuming is integrated with “43Things”: and “43Places,”: and works with a single account. This makes life that little bit less complicated. This is my first day with both sites, and the personal profile is still […]

Bring it on!

* ticket, check. * passport, check. * cloths for 10 C climate, check. (I think) * umbrella, check. (it rains too) * camera, check. * ipod (mini, sigh), check. * pocket book, check. * tooth brush, check. * about a ton of sweets from bangkok, check. * laptop, nope. * work, nope. * any care […]

Bloglines feeling the heat

News sources usually refer to Newsgator and desktop feed reader as ones most threaten with the arrival of “Google Reader.”: For me, “Bloglines”: has been the only practical choice. (And now Reader is too) Not long ago, Bloglines has just introduced keyboard shortcuts, which is one feature I like about Reader. Imitation is the best […]