Month: December 2005

Another Year, Another Post

author: Tiger Last year today, Chris lets me write on his blog for the first time. But he must have been very busy, cuz he forgot to leave the computer on for me this morning. Luckily, mom finished her browsing just now so I had her machine for a while before she leaves for Bali. […]

Stale Coffee

I made this mug of coffee at 7:30am. Took a sip. And there it stays until 2pm. Today has turned out to be that kind of Friday where everything and everyone wants a piece of you. And I’m still here blogging. -_-”

Pattaya Getaway

Judging from this “photoset,”: you’d hardly know I was in Pattaya for the weekend. Our family getaway has become so efficient that, in the whole of 3 days, we need not step out of the house and still feast on seafood every meals except breakfast. I had the rare chance of being offline, and went […]

MSN Through Firewall

‘Occasionally’, I find myself connected behind a restrictive firewall. MSN Messenger, being the best known IM client, are usually first to be blocked. I’ve been trying a few free solution, and the one that works for my particular situation is “HTTP-Tunnel”: + “Gaim”: “Trillian,”: “HTTPort,”: and the official client does not let me through in […]