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Theming Drupal Comments

Drupal “4.7 Beta 4”:http://drupal.org/drupal-4.7.0-beta4 was just released, and the “patch”:http://drupal.org/node/40755 to make comment block themable is included. This means I should be able to make Drupal’s “K2 port”:http://ichris.ws/node/968 imitate the original look. (which uses ordered list)

Now, if only there is more than 24 hrs a day.


  1. if there were 30 hours a day.. i’d spend 15 of them in bed..

    anyway about updates.. i have yet to try wordpress2.0

    • chris says

      WP2.0 is supposed to be great.

      It turns out Beta 4 breaks my K2 port. Navigation menu is all messed up.

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