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Google Calendar/Outlook 2003/ScheduleWorld

Since Google Calendar’s debut in April, the burning issue for many has always been Outlook synchronization. I keep 2 separate calendar on GCal, personal and work. And I mainly want a 1-way update, having the events in my office Outlook account appearing in the ‘work’ calendar on GCal.

Most of the early success story has been with a free software called RemoteCalendar, which is supposed to do 2-way sync. The RC never worked for me, mainly because it cannot operate behind the corporate firewall. There are now a few commercial solutions on the market, and I was tempted to spend $29 if it works well.

But today, I came across “this method”:http://engtech.wordpress.com/2006/08/11/the-holy-grail-of-synchronization-how-to-synchronize-microsoft-outlook-multiple-locations-google-calendar-gmail-ipod-and-mobile-phone-with-funambol-scheduleworld/ which use “ScheduleWorld”:http://www.scheduleworld.com as intermedium. SW sync with Outlook with a “desktop application,”:http://www.scheduleworld.com/tg/syncmlInfo.jsp and sync with GCal webservice style. The manual sync works as advertised, and in a day I should know how the scheduled sync performs.

This has another advantage over RM in that repeated events are supported.

GCal after synch


  1. P'MaT says

    I just stopped using outlook pai leay la! hhahaha
    I have stopped a while ago and used calendarHub and then when Gcal came out, I have been using Gcal since then. How are you anyway?

    • chris says

      That would be nice, but in the corporate world you are basically forced to use Outlook, if not Lotus Notes. For my personal business, I stay away from microsoft’s as much as I can.

      I’m fine krub, welcoming the ‘winter’ here in Bangkok.

  2. Well yes, the full version is not free. But they have now increased the number of days you can sync with the free version.

    Also they have released new features and bug fixes, it might still work out for you. Remember, the fact that it is not free allows them to have a dedicated team working on it (fixing bugs, adding features, etc.) and the free version gets all the benefits from it.



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