1. chris says

    I think using the prince’s sword in the killing means it is a revenge for the prince. (who, ironically, didn’t want the empress to die) But I can’t think of anyone close to the prince who could do it.

  2. Its the Emperor – he drank from a different cup – the camera lingered on the clarity of the water in the cup – the cup was also a different shape/size from the one that the maid drank from. He took 30 seconds to die with no blood from the mouth. The maid could still sing and dance for a good long while before dying with bleeding from the mouth. Also the emperor had most to gain from the Emperess’ death – the prince and the maid had nothing to gain and wanted nothing. HEY GUYS – ITS JUST A MOVIE. BETTER YOU GO SEE CASINO ROYALE.

    • I don’t think it’s the Emperor. He killed his brother for love. When he realized she didn’t love him back and he was being used, he commited suicide to pay back his brother.

      Chinese wines can be clear just like Japanese sake. He drank almost a full cup. The maid just drank a sip of it.

      Check out movie spoilers at Wikipedia. It’s saying it was just an unknown assassin.

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