Month: January 2008

Have you seen this man?

Police sketch of bank robber, from via pin poramet’s blog. I had to contain myself from running to the nearest police station or dial 191. The good citizen that I am. I mean, how could I not? I think I saw that man they are looking for this morning just outside the office. And […]

Sitemap & Ping

I wrote this note for a friend and found that, while not totally new, the material doesn’t come up cohesively in the quick search that I did. (Not in the first 2 pages of Google results anyway, that’s how impatient we became) And so became this lame excuse of a blog post. Sitemap One way […]

Google Chart

Google Chart API is an elegant way to generate nice graphs for the web, needing neither client-side (Java) nor server-side (e.g. Flex) add-ons. Reliability and latency are usually a concern with any off-site page element, but with Google both should be as small as you could get. Above graphs are generated by calling×200&chd=t:100.0,81.0,70.0,64.9,43.3,39.3,27.5&chxt=x,y&chxl=0:|BBL|KTB|SCB|K|BAY|TMB|SCIB|&chxr=1,0,1553283&chtt=Thailand’s Commercial […]