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Drupal 6.0? I’ll wait

While I can't wait to use the new trigger/action features in Drupal 6, I have a feeling it will be a few months before I attempt to upgrade. Apart from Views and CCK not available, the number of issues fixed between RC4 and RC3 looks awfully long to me. This include 17 critical issues, 26 normal issue, and 4 minor issues. Some of the critical ones, like #218471 and #214209 can be nasty if not cought. From RC2->RC3, there were 107 issues fixed, so the number has gone down more than half, but there seems like some way to go.


The release candidate says


Drupal 6.0 final will be released after (a) there are no more critical bugs and (b) we've had at least one release candidate without adding any more to the list.


Since there are already 2 new critical bugs reported since RC4, there will at least be RC5 and RC6 before Drupal 6.0 is finally released. And I might wait until 6.2 before upgrading the production site. (Since 4 sites run off the same code base, ichris.ws will have to wait as well)


Now, I do have one running D6 installation at GARP Thailand, since that site doesn't use many contrib modules (my other site uses 61 on last count). I should stop complaining and go test it some more.

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  1. In fact, every version of Drupal has “critical” issues. While the two you point out are bad, there are always bad ones lurking deep in the code. Holding back for fear of critical issues means no software would ever be released.

    Note well the message from Bugzilla when your query returns no bugs… http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zarro_boogs

  2. Pasqualle says

    You are making a wrong conclusion. There is a difference between 2 critical bugs exist and 2 critical bug added to the list. There is only 1 new critical, and as I see it isn’t a new bug. So nothing prevents us to release D6 final after RC4.

  3. chris says

    Hi greggles,

    My stance stems from my unfortunate situation, working full time job and taking care of a few live sites not relating to the job. I’m scared of things going wrong, especially when it happens at 10am on a Monday.


    Thanks for pointing that out. “Release when it’s ready” has served Drupal well in the almost 4 years I’ve been using the platform. I just feel RC4 is not quite ready enough when so many issues were still found in the 9 days since RC3. This might not prevents D6 release after RC4, but it will certainly keeps me away for the reason I mentioned above in reply to greggles.

    • catch says

      “working full time job and taking care of a few live sites not relating to the job”
      Me too. But I’d rather spend my time fixing the bugs than blogging about them.

  4. @Chris – We are dealing with release candidates right now. I wouldn’t recommend taking your site to drupal 6 unless you know what you are doing or want to do some testing. There won’t be a final release until it’s ready.

    But, I would really recommend not trashing on or complaining about a system that hasn’t had a final release because of critical issues. The next time you post people will think twice about what you say because of what you wrote before. Sometimes it’s better to bite your tongue when you get frustrated.

  5. chris says

    I am not trashing nor complaining. I was pointing out the feeling that this release is being push through with more haste than in the past, and I feel uncomfortable about it. This worry might be unfound as there are many peoples working full time on Drupal now, but it is new and untested to me.

    I suggest you stop complaining about every and all negative comments being published. I have blog about Drupal since 2004, mostly good things. If you can’t take negative comments, or feel that the general users might be too dumb to find out for themselves and got scared away from adopting Drupal, don’t waste your time here.

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