Techcrunch today covered an image licensing platform called GumGum.  I think the idea of per-impression licensing is interesting enough, and it is good someone has step up with a (half) working delivery platform. While this might not suit everybody, it’s great to have the choice. What it will create is a niche area where publishers or content users with specific needs can prosper. For example, if I want to use many randomly rotating images, licensing all of them at the usual flat fee could make it prohibitly expensive, but with GumGum’s fee structure it should costs me similar to showing a single image repeatedly.

GumGum requires content user to embed images as Flash, to enable the system to track their usage. It is not hard to see implementation problems; two came to mind: 

There will always be a place for conventional players like, iStockPhoto,  which I love. But I hope GumGum can create new economics of image (and other types of content) licensing, which I’m sure innovative peoples can capitalize.