Month: February 2008

Drupal 6.0? I’ll wait

While I can't wait to use the new trigger/action features in Drupal 6, I have a feeling it will be a few months before I attempt to upgrade. Apart from Views and CCK not available, the number of issues fixed between RC4 and RC3 looks awfully long to me. This include 17 critical issues, 26 […]

Thai Politicians’ in Sign Language

This video was posted back in December 2007, a month before the "uproar", and had only been watched 52 times on YouTube. I’ve been hearing the explanation of some of these signs on the radio, and now seeing the real thing, I can’t see how the representation of the new PM’s name is more offensive […]

Microsoft plus Yahoo! equals…

The writing has been on the wall for quite some times, and last night Microsoft finally puts in a bid for Yahoo! after Y!’s poor Q4 performance. If that sounds like equity research, it is because I think that’s where this is coming from. Soothing Yahoo!’s annoyed shareholders. Both of them are hugh, but the […]