Year: 2008

(US) Consumer Spending Pattern

This reminds me a bit of Death and Tax. Below is a visualization of the components that made up the consumer price index. In another word, this is what US Bureau of Labor Statistics take as the proportion of an average US consumer’s spending. The colour represents year-on-year change of proportion of that item in […]

Don’t flood my feed reader

I don’t know about you, but I hate it there is too much to read each day from a single RSS feed. That’s why I unsubscribed Engadget long ago. News feed can start off being very interesting, and as they became more successful there is pressure to keep up or even increase the update frequency. […]

Things Drupal can do better: Automatic module upgrade

Today I upgraded a wordpress blog to version 2.5.1 and noticed several plugins are also not up-to-date. The plugin upgrade cannot be any easier, with a single click to upgrade each one. No wget, no FTP, just a click. Upgrading Drupal modules require a bit more thinking, with various versions available for each modules, plus […]

Smelly Gadgets

I thought I just bought a pretty cool litter box for my 8-week old kitten. It’s japanese made and come with cat door, litter trap on the way out, detachable litter carrier, and a place to clip the scooper inside. Pretty dandy! Until a little search showd me much human had progressed in the field […]

US Foreclosure Map

บางครั้งรูปภาพทำให้เราเข้าใจได้ชัดกว่าตัวเลข ตัวเลข: ปีที่แล้วรัฐ Denver มีบ้านถูกยึดโดยธนาคารประมาณ 7,700 หลัง รูป: