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This is why I put a filter on my lens

The pros and cons of protective filters (UV or clear type) on lenses is an age old debate. One side of the argument is that you definitely want to protect your investment, and filters is an obvious choice. On the other hand, you paid for those expensive optics for their clarity and maximum transmission, among […]

Fabrinet Chokchai

Last weekend, we went to the National Science Museum to see the Ice Age exhibition. My daughter loved it, but that is for another post. On the way back, we were going past my former workplace so I decided to pay a visit. This 230,000 square-foot factory, formerly of Seagate, was where Fabrinet started. It […]

Speedlight Lighting Gears

For portability and to keep cost down, I decided to go the speedlight route as I start to learn lighting. These are the gears I am starting with. The choices are partly dictated by what are available in, or easily shipped to, Thailand. This precludes quite a few items often recommended online. Brands like Westcott […]