tech V2

I had the chance to try out version 2 of "": before its imminent re-launch, and I have to say it's very well done.

Online storage, as a sector, doesn't get your heart pumping. But it often irritates. Saving and loading files are such basic tasks that we tolerate very little roughness in the process. And thankfully, make it real smooth.

Of course, I'm still waiting for the desktop sync application, but the ability to drag-and-drop upload in bulk (multiple files or multiple folders) still makes it very usable. (It's flash/java, and very fast) drag-and-drop window upload progress bar

Other highlights for me are

* the AJAX UI makes managing files very convenient
* livesearch for your files
* 1GB file size limit
* File RSS for collaboration

*Update:* It's open for public registration now.


I've been playing with "Rojo": for about a day. I have been exploring alternatives to "Bloglines": for a while now, and this one looks promising. Basically, I need online feedreaders with tagging. And Bloglines doesn't seem to be offering that anytime soon.

Rojo Screenshot

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Measure Map bought by Google

The good news broke this morning, via an e-mail from Jeff Veen and then "an announcement": on the official Google blog. "Measure Map": is now part of the G empire.

The news is a bit surprising to me, because Measure Map is a very young service, unlike "Urchin.": But it's quick, simple, blog centric, and doing many things right. How (or if) it will be combined with Urchin is anybody's guess.

On a side note, according to Measure Map the number of visitors to was an all-time low on Valentine's day. Only 85 unique visitors. The number reflects very well on _you,_ my readers. :)

Valentine's day visitors


What do you get when you cross good cooks, crisp photographs, and beautiful web design?

You get "delicious:days.":

(valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional)

This is one of my new favorite blogs, and nominee for this year's "bloggies.":

30 Boxes & coComment

2 beta invitations landed on my inbox this morning:

* "30 Boxes": _"will be to calendars what GMail was to Email",_ to quote "Om Malik":
* "coComment": Track all your comments across the blogosphere

Oh joy.

Meta Theme for Drupal

"Meta Theme": is to "Drupal": what "K2": is to "WordPress.":

This newly released theme by Ken Collins at "": showcased what a good theme can do in Drupal, integrating well with many popular modules (The first I have seen) and incorporating many original contributions to the Drupal world, e.g. stylesheet switcher.

I think I can learn a lot from studying this.

2 Upgrades

*Gaim* 2.0 Beta 1 -> "Beta 2":

* more streamlined UI
* faster sign in (for MSN network, anyway)
* Still no MSN personalized status message. :(

*Firefox* 1.5.0 -> "":

* didn't noticed anythings
* The download size is only 751 kB. (via automatic update) I didn't know they have incremental upgrade! This is cool.
* Official release note lists improved stability, security enhancements, and memory leaks fix as the highlight. This can only be good.

Online Storage Review at TechCrunch

Around 1999, online storage services like Xdrive were the next big thing. Now they are coming back, riding on the web2.0 wave. TechCrunch "reviewed": 13 of them. From a quick glance, I think I'll testdrive "Omnidrive,": "Xdrive,": and "": sometimes this week.

Theming Drupal Comments

Drupal "4.7 Beta 4": was just released, and the "patch": to make comment block themable is included. This means I should be able to make Drupal's "K2 port": imitate the original look. (which uses ordered list)

Now, if only there is more than 24 hrs a day.