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Another Look at ‘Fair Use’

[textile] An uneasy feeling lingers in my mind after posting the ‘Entrepreneurism’ post. Am I infringing copyrighted work when I post the image? The site clearly states ‘All Rights Reserved’. I think the nature of the post is to comment on the site’s business, and thus an exercise of fair use. But is it really? […]

Inside Cartoon Characters

…and I meant .. literally. Just one more irrelevant stuffs before going to bed. 😛 Of course nobody thinks cartoon characters are anatomically correct, but having the skeletal drawn out certainly creeps me out. I could never look at Bubbles the same way again. See inside other characters here at Michael Paulus’s gallery. [ via […]

A Piece of History

[textile] The headline on today is “‘10,000 Firefox enthusiasts make history’,”: and quite rightly. This surely is the biggest gesture to date from the Open Source world. The story has been told so many times and I will not repeat it here. The full-spread ad looks like this and my name appears on the […]

Detecting porn

[textile] US Patent number “6,751,348 B2”: titled “Automated detection of pornographic images” was granted in June this year. I was looking to see if there is a working implementation to try out, but there seems to be none right now. Anyway, if it works as advertised, automatic network monitoring and parental control programs should work […]

The joy of autumn

[textile] Sensitive Light’s “The joy of autumn”: 3-photo set is amazing! Thanks to “Bloglines”: I am now reading my list of photoblogs again. (brown)