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Kubrick for Drupal

Starting from a post on, I have tried to port the now famous Kubrick theme by Michael Heilemann to Drupal. I have tried kubrick when it was just released. Comparing the current version to that, I have to say the already-great theme has become even better. The installation now is very easy (on WordPress). […]

Collapsible Blogroll

[textile] Today I’ve redo the blogroll on the side bar and make it collapsible. The list is getting longer everyday and it was pushing other things down too much. And now that it is collapsible, I’ve put my complete Bloglines subscription list, instead of just People’s blog like before. I wrote a “short tutorial,”:/node/716 in […]



S5: A Simple Standards-Based Slide Show System

Eric Meyer, the grandfather of CSS, has done it again. S5 is short for “Simple Standards-Based Slide Show System”. It uses only XHTML, CSS, and javascript to make decent slide shows, which display swiftly in all standard compliant browsers.

The goods:

* A single XHTML file for a whole slide show
* mouse and keyboard responds like normal slide show programs, jumping back and ahead, or jump to a particular page.
* Slide template = 1 CSS file. Ha! This is my stuff.
* With separate screen and print CSS, one file can be used for both the slides and compact printout
* I suppose with some “display: none” trick, one can make a _speaker’s note_ CSS as well.

Check out the “introductory slides,”: and make sure to see the source. Beautiful semantic XHTML!

Design tweaks

There have been quite a few changes here and there in the past few days. This is the change log: Removed ornament lines below each post, use white space instead. Tagboard added. Feel free to use it. Text only. Makes navigation grey. There were a bit too much orange. Centered the comment/trackback link Adopting the […]

scandy theme


Ok there are just too many redesigned sites around at the moment! (“urlgreyhot”: , “mezzoblue”: , and “Stopdesign”: come to mind.) I’m an engineer and no graphics designer, but this is too much! 8)

So here it is, a new look of which I just rolled out last night. I called this theme ‘scandy’.

The main colors used are orange and bright green, on white background. I think this combination looks much more ‘awake’ than my greenish theme. I also got rid of the page header and pushed main content up to the top. Otherwise the page sturcture are pretty similar to before (single floating navigation on the left).