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Drupal 6 Beta 1

I’ve just tested Drupal 6.0 beta 1 and it’s again a good release. The improved i18n system is good, the trigger/action modules will finally allow custom automated tasks without needing 10 different modules (hope it has good support for token module), and the new teaser system is elegant. Having said that, it does feel this […]

Drupal Installation Profiles

One new feature I had not paid much attention to in Drupal 5.x is the installation profiles. I almost did not notice they have their own download section on You can set almost anything post-install, including   Turning on modules (core and contrib) Set permissions Create default user roles Enable translations Enable specific theme […]

Drupal 5.0 Experience

The official release of Drupal 5.0 is just around the corner. [According to this and this.] The cycle time is looking to be shorter than it was for 4.7. I was itching to play with it since Beta 1 was released 2 months ago, but it is just impossible without a working version of Akismet […]

Early Resolution

I will learn how to properly use CCK Views Organic Groups on Drupal 5. The CMS is moving at such a pace that I can’t keep up. And these are the 3 most important and powerful modules I have not got around to master.

Drupal 5.0 Beta

“Drupal 5.0 Beta 1”: was released a few days ago. For me, this marks an important step for site maintainer. Not only the web-based installation system is now as easy as the famous 5-minute installation of WordPress, the module dependency system and module un-install system is much welcomed.

As the year is not 2004 and I haven’t contribute anything to Drupal for a long time, I am going to wait it out this time for a release candidate before using it on However, the copy of beta1 I’m now running on my test box seems to work very well.

So, how long before the first RC? The answer might be 3 months, going by recent history for 4.7 release:

* Beta 1 : 8 December 2005
* Beta 2 : 16 December 2005 – 50 bugs fixed
* Beta 3 : 9 January 2006 – 150 bugs fixed
* Beta 4 : 26 January 2006 – 120 bugs fixed
* Beta 5 : 2 March 2006 – many bugs fixed
* Release Candidate 1 : 31 March 2006
* Release Candidate 2 : 7 April 2006
* Release Candidate 3 : 15 April 2006