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They’re for Playing Games!

[textile] What is it with people trying to install OS on game consoles? :S We had “Linux on Playstation,”: “Linux on XBOX”: (even a small “cluster”: ), “OS X on XBOX,”: and now “Linux on GameCube.”: KDE on GameCube = GameKube? Get a life. A “parking meter”: can run Linux. What’s so cool about a […]

Jules Verne’s camera phone

[textile] The Onion | Long-Lost Jules Verne Short Story ‘The Camera-Phone’ Found “AMIENS, FRANCE—Literary scholars announced Monday that they have unearthed a 33-page handwritten manuscript of “The Camera-Phone,” a short story believed to have been written in 1874 by French novelist Jules Verne, the man often considered to be the originator of modern science fiction.” […]

Muji CD player

[textile] Few days ago after getting my renewed passport, I dropped by “MUJI”: store at “Seiyu”: . I’ve always like their stuffs, and could browse for hours. In fact, I wish it could be as big as “IKEA”: and I’ll happily spend a whole afternoon! Anyway, I saw this “wall-mounted CD player”: and totally dig […]

Leatherman Micra

Since my trusted Victorinox was confiscated by Singapore Airlines last year, I have been putting off buying a new one for so long. Yet I missed it very so often. There’s always that loose screw or the tag on the new shirt that I need to cut off. And I hate looking for tools. I […]

Macho phones

[textile] These two phones in the house made mine looked pathetic :S This is O2 Xphone head to head with Nokia 6600. Charles’ Xphone is impressive, but his strategically-placed background image of himself make a funny menu navigation: -_-”