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What If Dragons are Real?

No, it’s not that kind of _what if?_ question. I’m talking about a technical exploration of the features and evolution trails of dragons, on the hypothesis that they did exists. (It’s not that much different to many real life science, mind you.) I just finished watching “Dragons: Fantasy made Real”: on pay-per-view in my hotel […]

A Quantum Love Story

I just sent out one of those funny fwd: e-mail. It’s not very deep and I hope people will get it. But quantum entanglement and Alice & Bob are necessary background for the joke. So, in the end I only sent it to 10 peoples and hope at least 7 will understand. The world is […]

Trackbacks for papers

On his blog, “Jacques Distler”: wrote of how “”: e-Print archive starts to support trackbacks for individual articles. Which I think is very cool. Of course, we have systems that track paper citations, but one doesn’t always want to write another paper just to express comments about one. I might just want to say it’s […]

Dihydrogen Monoxide

Found this link on “Ajarn Ko’s blog.”: The very harzadous yet not well known substance called “dihydrogen monoxide.”: Amongst its attributes are: * Death due to accidental inhalation of DHMO, even in small quantities. * DHMO overdose is not unheard of in patients undergoing dialysis treatments for kidney failure. * Exposure decreases effectiveness of automobile […]