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Moving Host

The server migration has been quite painless, most things should work now on this site and all the subdomain. Read on for details. First, why move? used to hosted with Digital Sense Hosting. The deal and customer support was great, and they had everything I needed. Most importantly SSH access. I was on their […]

Pebble Theme

[textile] Working on “Kubrick”: & “Persian”: for Drupal makes me itchy. So here’s an evening worth of Photoshop & CSS. I named this theme ‘Pebble’. The single column design is a first for this site, and I’m growing to like it a lot. The tabs are also less of an eys sore now, after some […]


Gravatar = Globally Recognized AVATAR Gravatar is similar to avatars I see (and despise) on discussion board across the web, but also different. Your gravatar will appear the same across all websites, as long as the site support it, of course. It is nice to go to a new website, see familiar gravatars, and knows […]

Collapsible Blogroll

[textile] Today I’ve redo the blogroll on the side bar and make it collapsible. The list is getting longer everyday and it was pushing other things down too much. And now that it is collapsible, I’ve put my complete Bloglines subscription list, instead of just People’s blog like before. I wrote a “short tutorial,”:/node/716 in […]

A little polishing

[textile] So far I’ve been quite happy with the new site design. The main content are is wider and I can include larger pictures. The various modules for Drupal 4.5 has duly arrived and all functionality are restored. Yesterday I have been polishing some rough edges around here. The main thing is the navigation at […]