Month: March 2004

Canon PowerShot S1 IS

One of this would do very nicely! This stuff is just made for me 3 megapixels, 10x optical zoom, 3.2 digital, video size limited by storage.. phew… กิเลส กิเลส… “Review on CNETAsia”:,39005881,39018262p,00.htm?

no spam for me (3)

What is called disposable address is an address you use only a few times then throw away. The best example of this is “spamgourmet”:

With a username hushpuppy with spamgourmet, you can give out addresses in the form _suspicious.3.hushpuppy@spamgourmet_. The number 3 indicates *this address has a lifetime of 3*. The meaning? spamgourmet will forward the first 3 e-mail sent to this address to you, and after that any further e-mail to this address is just deleted by spamgourmet.

This is very useful, as many times you just need to recieve a few e-mail from a website. (most commonly for confirmation) After that you probably don’t want any “good offers” that the website or its friends will send to you. The number of e-mail can be set up to 20. And the service is completely free.

no spam for me (2)

part 1 discuss how you disguise your e-mail address from spammers, now we will talk about some other useful techniques

subdomain addressing This is a rather new technology and only offered by some e-mail provider. I use “Fastmail.FM”: so I will use it as example, it works the same way with “geekmail”:, “MailSnare”:, “VFEmail”:, “Yahoo! Mail Plus”:, etc.

Suppose your user name at Fastmail is hushpuppy, your e-mail address would be [email protected]. Your subdomain address is anything in the form [email protected]. the part before @ can be anything, and the message will get delivered to your mailbox. Now how is that useful??

no spam for me (1)

SPAM, or UCE (Unsolicited Commercial E-mail), does not endeared itself to anyone.

The absolute way of getting no spam is to have no mailbox at all! The next best thing is to not have your address lying around the internet. Don’t give out your address just to anyone, or any website, without seeing they have a “privacy policy”. This should say they will not pass your address to another peoples. This is the very basic of spam prevention.

The most popular method spammers use to get at your addresses is to automatically “harvest” them from newsgroups and message boards. So the first rule is, never put in your e-mail address “un-mungled” when using these services.