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no spam for me (2)

part 1 discuss how you disguise your e-mail address from spammers, now we will talk about some other useful techniques

subdomain addressing This is a rather new technology and only offered by some e-mail provider. I use “Fastmail.FM”: so I will use it as example, it works the same way with “geekmail”:, “MailSnare”:, “VFEmail”:, “Yahoo! Mail Plus”:, etc.

Suppose your user name at Fastmail is hushpuppy, your e-mail address would be Your subdomain address is anything in the form the part before @ can be anything, and the message will get delivered to your mailbox. Now how is that useful??

Let’s say you need to give your e-mail address to a website called You think there is a chance they will compromise your address, but you need something from them. What to do? enter as e-mail address. They can send you e-mail (probably confirmation of some sort) without a problem. But if they do sell your address, you will start getting SPAM which are addressed to You will know where the spammer got your address from, and you can complain. It is also very easy to set a filter in your e-mail program to block anything which has

In this way you will give different addresses to different website, so it will be something like:

get it?

Admittedly subdomain addressing doesn’t normally come as part of free e-mail services, but at this time where you depends so much on your e-mail. I think it is worth it, and the $14.95 for life deal at “Fastmail.FM”: is great value!

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