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no spam for me (3)

What is called disposable address is an address you use only a few times then throw away. The best example of this is “spamgourmet”:

With a username hushpuppy with spamgourmet, you can give out addresses in the form _suspicious.3.hushpuppy@spamgourmet_. The number 3 indicates *this address has a lifetime of 3*. The meaning? spamgourmet will forward the first 3 e-mail sent to this address to you, and after that any further e-mail to this address is just deleted by spamgourmet.

This is very useful, as many times you just need to recieve a few e-mail from a website. (most commonly for confirmation) After that you probably don’t want any “good offers” that the website or its friends will send to you. The number of e-mail can be set up to 20. And the service is completely free.

Giving e-mail address while buying something from internet is probably the second biggest source of SPAM you will get, apart from having your email exposed on webboards and newsgroups. Use disposable e-mail when you buy things, get no spam, simple?

Similar services include “jetable”: (can set expiration date/time for disposable address), “EndJunk”:, “mailshell”: (not free), “Yahoo! Mail Plus”:, “MailNull”:, “Mailinator”:

I take my e-mail seriously!

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