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I’ve been looking to change my virus scanner for a while. Mcafee v.7 works well, but after upgrading to v.8 I have problem updating the virus definitions. The program can’t seem to access the internet and there is no proxy setting I can find. So I ended up with virus definition that is 3 months old 🙁

Hell that just wouldn’t work, so I look around for an alternative and found this “review site”: A program called “BitDefender”: scored almost full marks, that can’t be too bad. So I decided to give it a try.

Current version of BitDefender is 7.2. It has been 3 days and I find it to be quite ok. New virus definitions coming out pretty regularly and it uses somewhat less resource than Mcafee. I ran a full system scan and it found many worms and trojans, may be that’ s why my com at work is getting slow. Scheduled for a full scan at midnight tonight.

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