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Gmail Goes Into Beta for Blogger Users


Google’s Gmail Goes Into Beta for Blogger Usersdeadpixel writes “Gmail, the 1gb webmail service offered by Google, has gone into beta. Blogger (owned by google) users have first crack at the service. … [Slashdot]

It is not very often that I act upon hearing a news this quickly. But as soon as I read the above, I logged into my blogger account (which I hardly use now) and get my new gmail account in 2 minutes.

The address is ichris @ gmail . com

The features look very practical
* 1GB storage, they claim you would never have to delete e-mail again
* Mail size limit of 10MB, this is larger than many other free e-mail entire inbox
* Conversation-based e-mail filing. All the correspondences are grouped together. Whenever a new message came, the whole conversation is moved up to the top of your inbox. Should be very convenient
* Label — instead of filing e-mail into folders, you tag them with labels (e.g. work and todo). Each message can be tagged with more than 1 labels, so there is no more headache of deciding which folder this message goes to.

Now come the hard part. I’m currently very happy with my e-mail account, and it won’t feel right to switch so suddenly. But if I don’t have a sizable amount of e-mail in my new gmail account, I won’t be able to test the finer things it has to offer. 🙁

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