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First Ten Programs on New Install?


First Ten Programs on New Install? reddigitaldragon asks: “Some people re-install once a year, but if you’re anything like me your machine is formatted at least once a month. After the OS is in, … [Slashdot]

This is interesting. The guy writes about his _must have_ programs on a windows box, and I find at least one of them, “Azerous”: , new and seemingly useful.

It would takes a while to browse through all the comments, but there might be some more gems in there.

*_Note_* Next few ones to take a look at: Miranda, SlowView, Firezilla, 7-Zip (or IZArc), VLC, MessengerPro (Clickatell), TheOpenCD, PDFCreator, pdf995. (This will keep me busy for a while)

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