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MSN 6.2


MSN Messenger 6.2 is officially out (it was released a few days ago, then taken down for security fix).

The changes (in the order I noticed them)

  • MSN search bar — whatever that looks like. I’m not installing it in a million years. (well at least they’re _kind_ enough to give us a choice)
  • different icon for people with mobile phone info — Great, now there’s no way to tell their status, but I will _always_ know they have a mobile phone.
  • smiley as you type — This is actually a welcomed feature. MSN instantly replace your typed text with corresponding smiley. This is great as I always mistyped my custom smileys. (now, if they could only make the smiley panel expandable when there’re more custom smileys)
  • more games — Hooray…
  • We can now choose to have small or large preview for images sent through MSN, useful.

P.S. I know they like to call it _emoticons_ , but it’s just smileys 🙂

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