Month: May 2004


[textile] Very nice surprise! :O The guy bact’ in my previous post turned out to be an old friend! We went to highschool together and has not been in contact since. (I’m not gonna say how long that has been 😀 ) So he’s now in Scotland. He mentioned he’s met someone from IC in […]

Loadsa Thai Blogs


วันสองวันนี้มีคนพูดถึง LaTex for Thai บน webboard ก็ตามไปอ่าน คนเริ่มกระทู้ชื่อ bact’

แล้วดู technorati’s link ของ ก็เจอ link ใหม่จาก blog ของนาย bact’ นี่ แล้วก็ตาม blogroll ไปเรื่อยๆ เพราะช่วงก่อนหน้านี้หา blog คนไทยอ่านไม่ค่อยเจอ ( diaryhub ไม่นับ นานๆ ขอสาระบ้างก็ดี 8) ) ก็เจอซะเพียบ

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Yay! (jumpy)

After much fiddling, I’ve finally got it (I think). I have seen this technique used in Matt Mullenweg’s website for quite some times, and he did mentioned he shared the trick with anyone who asked. But I figured I’m better off with him developing WordPress than answering my novice questions, so I didn’t go for it.

After searching the web tonight I found Mike Hudson’s blog entry, which described the technique in details. And hell, it’s not that difficult!

Porto’s the king of Europe


Well the team sheet doesn’t quite read like who-is-who-of-football, but their achievements are short of amazing. The treble last year (league, domestic cup, Uefa cup) and now the newly crownded Champions League winner. They didn’t even dive that much.

3-0 is quite a flattering score line to Porto, as Monaco didn’t play badly at all, especially after they were 1 goal down. However, the second goal killed the match and it was cruise control for Porto afterward.

One thing very noticable at the after-match celebration is that the Porto coach, Jose Mourinho, did not look at all that happy. You could even say he looks gloomy. After recieving the winner’s medal he marched right off the field and left his players to celebrate.

I bet with my friend Charles that within 48 hours, the guy will become the new Chelsea’s manager. Let’s see.