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Football of late


h4. Blues won, Arsenal drew, Man U lost

The second result doesn’t matter, but now it seems we will most certainly finish second. Would it be the last 3 games for Tinkerman?

h4. Ronaldo, Beckham, Samuel linked

All would be welcomed, especially Ronaldo, our attack sucks at the moment.

h4. Porto coach linked

Another big welcomed. I like Ranieri, but his shuffling is not doing anyone any good. It keeps most people fit, so what? He will have 10 midfielders to choose from. But what we need is in-form players, not just fit players.

h4. Blatter’s nonsense

To have no draw in football would be crazy! But if he only meant there shouldn’t be extra time after the 2nd match of a two legged draw, I’m all for it.

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