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New games


h4. Pro Evolution Soccer 3

I basically got ripped off on this one, they game’s not out yet, and what I bought was a Winning Eleven with PES3 trailer replacing the opening CG 🙁

h4. Tony Hawke Pro Skater 4

Everybody seems to be talking about the otherr title, Tony Hawke Underground. Actually I didn’t completely understand why I picked this one up. But it’s a good game nonotheless, and the _Underground_ can wait a bit 🙂

h4. Harvest Moon – Save the Homeland

A game for 6-year-old.

h4. The Sims: Bustin’ Out

I haven’t spend a lot of time on this yet, but the experience seems similar to the PC version I played years ago. It left me the feeling I can’t organize my life, even in a game :S It’s also pretty slow on a console.

h4. NBA Street vol.2

A very good game! I enjoyed the “Be a Legend” game mode, and it’s not as stressful as NBA Live 2004. Also, the control is very easy to learn, yet offer many combo for your super cool tricks & dunks. (my favorite: breakdance dribbling & Honey Dip jam)

h4. Breath of Fire – Dragon Quarter

Not very good first impression on this one. The fighting system is a bit weird, and there’s not much explaination of what to do (like in FF series). It took me half an hour to understand, and not completely. Also the characters suck. But there’re good reviews around, so I might give it another try later.

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