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ExtremeTech Reviews Google’s Gmail Beta


ExtremeTech Reviews Google’s Gmail Beta JimLynch writes “Gmail, Gmail, Gmail–how do we love thee? Let us count the ways! We finally had a chance to try Google’s new e-mail service and we’re happy to … [Slashdot]

I’m really seriuosly considering switching to Gmail now. I know I have only been using Fastmail.FM full time for the past few months, but Gmail offers such a good prospect for message management. Of course there are still things to be add/fix, but perhaps when it’s officially release, I might be saying goodbye to Fastmail. Until then.

If you want to send some test message to be, the address I have is ichris AT_THE_DOMAIN 🙂

The comparison table is so comprehensive I had to copy it here:

Features List

Gmail Yahoo Mail MSN Hotmail
Conversations Yes No No
Storage 1GB 4MB 2MB
Labels Yes No (Uses folders) No (Uses folders)
Built-in Search Yes Yes Yes
Number of Attachments Unlimited (10MB max size per message) Three Unlimited (1MB max size per message)
Virus scanning No Yes (Norton) Yes (McAfee)
Address Book No (Very basic contact management) Yes Yes
Imports/Exports Contacts No Yes No (Import only)
Calendar No Yes No (Requires premium membership)
Spam Filter Yes Yes Yes
Pop Access No No No
Archiving Yes No No
Automatic Forwarding No No No
Forced Promotional Ad Tagline in Message No Yes Yes
Notepad No Yes No
Syncs with Outlook, Outlook Express,

Palm or Other Organizer
No Yes No
Expiration Time If Inactive Nine months Four months Thirty days
Auto-fill of E-mail Addresses Yes No No
Send HTML Mail No Yes No

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