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Coupling – the series


From a friend’s recommendation, I started watching this british TV series called ‘Coupling’ yesterday, and had the biggest laughs in many many days 😀

Apparently, it’s quite a popular show, and is in its 4th season running now. But I really have not heard of it before last week! It’s good comedy, but definitely different tone than ‘Friends’ which, in case you’re not from planet earth, has just ended after 10 years.

_Coupling_ has one the most brilliant script I have experienced with a comedy series. And it takes a fair amount of concentration to ‘get’ all the jokes, but that just makes it all the better. Many times, I have to squint my eyes trying to listen to what Jeff (Richard Coyle) is saying, knowing it must be a craker!

This guy, Jeff, is my favorite character by a mile. Too bad by this 4th season, he is not in the show anymore.

Ah.. some good entertainment 🙂

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