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The unlucky 4th place


4th spot in domestic league and a shot at Champion’s League football next season would have been wonderful for many teams, but not Liverpool and Real Madrid.

Their manager were sacked within 24 hours of each other, and while Real has installed Jose Antonio Camacho as their new coach, the speculation is still going on for Liverpool, with Rafael Benitez the hot favorite for the press.

These are the first 2 big name casualties, they won’t be the last for sure, but it surprises me a bit that our manager Ranieri has actually lasted until today 🙂 I hope Roman Abramovich changes his mind and give tinkerman another season. I’m sure this time around, he’ll make better buys. He might not improve on this season in terms of results (which were wonderful, by all means), but then he would be able to leave with dignity, and Chelsea would have kept theirs too.

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