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PHP generated title image


Yay! (jumpy)

After much fiddling, I’ve finally got it (I think). I have seen this technique used in Matt Mullenweg’s website for quite some times, and he did mentioned he shared the trick with anyone who asked. But I figured I’m better off with him developing WordPress than answering my novice questions, so I didn’t go for it.

After searching the web tonight I found Mike Hudson’s blog entry, which described the technique in details. And hell, it’s not that difficult!

I was right and wrong.

I have much problem with just one part of the code, and it took more than 3 hours to fix. The PHP file wasn’t taking the argument i’m passing to it. Somehow it works on Matt’s and sericomic’s servers, but not mine.

In the end, I added

$string = $HTTP_GET_VARS[string];

to explicitly assign the argument to the variable, and voila!

There’s still a little problem with unicode (and thai) characters, I’ll look around for a new (unicode opentype) font and things should be smooth!

The current heading font is Cronos Pro Light Display from Adobe.

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