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The becoming of the site


My first encounter with html was in sophomore year, 1996. Dr Piyapong asked me to help with doing some the department pages or something. It was on a Mac and the tool was Netscape Navigator Gold 3.0, which included Composer, and a program called Web Weaver. I remembered it was quite fun. And that frame is a very advanced technique.

Then I started making my own pages on the department machine.

Junk Yard was the name of my first website, whyever that was :S . I remembered spending so much time on Photoshop trying to make the title text look ‘right’.

Chris’s Page was the next and more lasting one. I kept my CV and many many babe pics on it, and it was quite a hit with my friends on the campus. 😀 The design was mainly dark and game-CG-ish.

I entered some CAI(Computer-Assisted Instruction) competition by NECTEC, and made a website about the Doppler Effect, and it was pretty colorful. (didn’t win anything, of course) This was my address until 1998, by when I was politely asked to remove personal stuffs from the server.

I tried using HotDog Pro for a while for my old site, and switched to PageMill (version 2) from Adobe, which was very very good. There was another tool called NetObjects Fusion, which was the first tool I used that offers some templating capability.

Then came … Chris’s Page again, on a free server at Subdomain was pretty new for free hosts back then, and I felt so cool with the address… look Ma! no slash! 😀 This was to become the longest living website I have maintained. (1998–2003)

I was having fun and there were more contents, with me studying in UK and then singapore, and I was starting to own a camera. There were collection of quotations, links to friends, my science page, physics humor page, and a link galore. Maintained by hands, of course. When I turned 21, the site was renamed chris21 (lacking imagination, even back then).

In February 2001, before moving to UK, I started keeping an online diary. And it was the best joy I’ve had with keeping a website. I like writing, and there were even people who comes and read from time to time. It was a wonderful time! 🙂 In 2 years and 3 months, I wrote 354 diary entries, which comes out to once every 2.31 day. Not a bad rate at all.

I started using Dreamweaver somewhere around 2002.

In July 2003, some unfortunate incidents made me shut the site down. And it was bye bye, just like that. A man’s got to do what a man’s got to do. I actually kept it on at a secret location for a while. That was when I start using Blogger too.

And in March 2004, was born. Equipped with MySQL I knew I could do a lot more. I migrated a blog to WordPress (running on my own server, my OWN server! :D) and created another one. After a while the disparation between my main page and the blog, which was on a subdomain makes me unhappy. And I went looking for a new solution.

That’s when I found Drupal. And as it is today was conceived. Blog and all 🙂

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