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urlgreyhot redesign


Today I saw Michael Angeles’s redesign of urlgreyhot and just have to sit back and enjoy it for a minute 🙂 This man got style!

He named his new theme ‘tricorder’, after the communication device in Star Trek. The resemblance kind of escaped me, but it’s a very clean and modern design. It still keep the orage shade, which I also like.

I think of Michael more as information architecture, but his design taste is very good too 🙂 In fact, the modified xtemplate theme running now is based on one of his older theme ‘lessismore’. (or is that ‘lessismore’ skin of ‘utility’ template?)

He mentioned a plan to submit utility theme(s) to Drupal project site, this is good news for all. They are such a great showcase that real designs can be done using Drupal theme system.

(not that the theme system is perfect though, it needs a lot more work! I almost faited the first time I tried modifying my theme.)

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