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scandy theme


Ok there are just too many redesigned sites around at the moment! (“urlgreyhot”: , “mezzoblue”: , and “Stopdesign”: come to mind.) I’m an engineer and no graphics designer, but this is too much! 8)

So here it is, a new look of which I just rolled out last night. I called this theme ‘scandy’.

The main colors used are orange and bright green, on white background. I think this combination looks much more ‘awake’ than my greenish theme. I also got rid of the page header and pushed main content up to the top. Otherwise the page sturcture are pretty similar to before (single floating navigation on the left).

This is a complete rewrite however, starting from blank XHTML and CSS in Dreamweaver and TopStyle. Starting afresh actually helps me understand some of the techniques better.

The redesign is not quite finished yet though. I want to make a new icon set and add some ornaments to the page. But the overall look should stay.

P.S. I feel warm today (blue)

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