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where they came from


I thought most visitors to my site came here via
* words of (mostly my) mouth
* trackbacks & comments I left around the web

This is partly true, but people do stumbled up here quite a few times via Google. It’s interesting to see what these peoples where looking for. Examples are

(from the past 3 days)
* Encapsulated PostScript คืออะไร
* fastmail spamgourmet
* แปลง acrobat เป็น word
* คำสั่ง DOS
* โปรแกรม เส้นทาง
* context diagram+ภาษาไทย
* optimal Use Of The Canon Eos 10D For Astronomy
* ชนิดของไฟล์
* weblog คืออะไร
* emoticons ใหม่ๆ
* โปรแกรม coreldraw คืออะไร
* สร้างไฟล์ pdf
* pdflatex \usepackage{acronym}
* Bitmap Vector ระบบ
* acronym sty
* porto monaco mpeg

results using “refer”:

“Drupal”: is pretty google-friendly and my site got indexed pretty thoroughly. 🙂 There are quite a few thai peoples search for LaTeX stuffs and end up here, which is a good sign. A search for “LaTeX ภาษาไทย” turns one of my page up in the top 20 lists.

(Incidentally, the old page hosted on netfirms still ranked higher)

Another boost of confident that “LaTeX for Thai”:/latex could benefit peoples, and that someone do read them sometimes, so I should not slack!

P.S. I wonder if the “ISSN”: application for “LaTeX for Thai” would be approved.

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