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The obligatory Firefox mentioning


In the blogosphere, it is a crime not to write a review of the 0.9 release of “Firefox”: . So here is my take

The first install was kinda buggy. Ben Goodger “mentioned”: it is a known symptom for people who upgraded from nightlys. So I back up my bookmark and do a clean install. Change the sans serif font for thai language to Tahoma (to match the look to IE), and set out to test it.

Problem is, most of the exciting new features were already in the nightlys, and there’re not many noticable changes except the new default theme. Which I am not too keen of. But there’s “a reason”: and I accepted that. Will wait for the “milk theme”: to upgrade.

It renders a little quicker. And the menu rearrangement seems a good move. So all in all, not very exciting but it looks stable, and should draw more peoples to the already great piece of software.

update currently installed extensions:
* IE View 0.7
* All-in-One Gestures 0.11.1
* googlebar
* DownloadWith 0.0.7
* Download Manager Tweak 0.4.3

Waiting for:
* Mycroft

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