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Ok I’m probably the last living human without a usb drive, but that was until last week. 😀

I got “this”: 256 MB baby at Sim Lim for $109 (singapore dollar, that is), which is not too bad a deal. But I wasn’t too sure why I got it in the first plac. It was just another one of those impulsive buys. :S

So to justify that hundred quid, this is what I do with it:
* put in “Firefox”: 0.9 standalone (one that works from a folder without installing anything), with all the plug-ins I use. I can go use other people’s com without installing firefox now. (matter of fact, I’m doing that right this moment, on my uncle’s laptop.)
* put in a few more standalone apps, “slowview”: , “VLC”:, etc.
* Make it “bootable”: , put some virus “scanner”: & “definition”: files on it, plus latest “stinger”: .
* Install “wikiserver”: , this thing comes with its own little server so I can use it anywhere, pretty cool. (had to run it on port 81 though, it was clashing with my “Apache”: ) It doesn’t do unicode, not fatal but could have been better.
* Put a few “e-book”: I’m reading on it, and “µBook”: to read them nicely on screen.
* Oh, and it’s a portable storage too 😛

So in the end, it’s worth it, and usb 2.0 makes it work. I am running firefox off the thing without a hitch. 🙂

Read “how flash memory works”: on “howstuffworks”:

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